For Staff

R-H One-Page Improvement Plan


Fundamental Five Power Point

Framing the Lesson


Power Zone

*Creating a Comfortable Classroom Environment

Frequent Small Group Purposeful Talk

Shared Inquiry Discussion

Critical Writing

*Sentence Frames (could be used for Turn The Question Around-TTQA)
Take 30 Seconds after Learning Something to Write Important Points

  • Engagement

27 Ways to Respond when Students don’t Pay Attention

  • Reciprocal Teaching

!*Putting it all Together (Reciprocal Teaching)
(scroll down to bottom of blog post for video of book club example)

  • Multiple Ways to Answer/Solve

!Test Prep=More than One Answer

  • Total Participation Techniques
  • Balanced Literacy & Balanced Math

*Mental Math-Kinder
*Mental Math-1st & 2nd (watch until 5:00)
*Mental Math-3rd & 4th

  • High-level Questioning

Teaching Students How to Question: Ultimate Survival Skill

5 Powerful Questions Teachers ask Students

  • Concrete, Abstract, Pictorial

*Fraction Manipulatives

Assessment for Learning

  • Common Formative

*Assess and Plan with Exit Tickets
!The Power of Focusing on Student Products

  • Reflect/Adjust

*Adjusting Lessons: Having a Plan B
!Forming with Formative

  • On-going Checks

*Clipboards: A Tool for Informal Assessment

56 Different Examples of Formative Assessment


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  • Common Summative


* Video
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